About Us

Serving The Community Since 1977!


Pleasure Pools was founded in 1977 by Ronald F. Bultje. Ronald previously made a living constructing drain fields and septic tanks, so hard work and operating heavy machinery was nothing new to him. His family realized his capabilities and continued encouraging him to build a swimming pool in their backyard. After hours of research, some natural mechanical ability, and months of continued requests from the wife and kids, the first pleasure pool was born in 1976!


Once Ronald’s friends and business associates recognized his ability to build a quality swimming pool, he started getting many requests to come check out their yards.

Soon after, Ronald decided to start building swimming pools as a profession. Ronald’s son, Kevin A. Bultje Sr. took over the family business in 2003. His goal was to continue to build the same high quality product that his father had taught him. Pleasure Pools has built over 800 swimming pools in the Richmond, VA area, each one built like it was going in their own backyard. Three generations later, Kevin and his son, Andrew, continue the family tradition. They love building swimming pools and plan on doing so for many years to come.